Bugti Jalawan Jalar Chawat

Bugti Jalawan Jalar Chawat - Balochi Sandals

Bugti Jalawan Jalar Chawat – Balochi Sandals

Product Information:

Product Code: MF-024 Balochi Handmade Leather Sandals (Chawat) – Bugti Jalawan Jalar
100% Handmade, Pure Leather

Price: On request
Status: Made to order (15 days delivery time)

Please email or call us for further information
+92 322 ISHRAQI (4747274)


4 thoughts on “Bugti Jalawan Jalar Chawat

  1. Bakshi Gaurav Harnal

    I want to purchase balochi sandle sandkes for personal use which has to be delivered to India to me via courier
    Kindly send me your email address where I can send my purchase order


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